I. Gebäude

II. Unterhalts- und Beschulungskosten


One student costs 62 Euro per month for food.

53 students attend school until 2019 (food, clothes, medical care, etc.)

Our plan is to increase the number of students more than 200 until 2026. Every school year there will be 24 students more (one class more).


Education depends on good teachers who cannot survive if they are not paid a good salary. In Bhutan, the teacher salary starts from 100 to 400 Euro per month. In the year 2019, we have 7 teachers. From next year on additionally a Headmaster will start to work (Cost 500 Euro per month). Every year there will be one additional teacher.

In 2019 we have one cook, one storekeeper, one matron, one warden and driver. They all work here on a voluntary basis with low salary (70 Euro per month).